Rejoice Again I say, Rejoice!!

             Happy Resuuedtion Sunday! Today our God has allowed us to share in our 25th Resurrection Morning since 1991. Yes, today is that time in Christianity that we observe the sacrifice of the living Savior of The World and the sustaining power of a risen Savior! Let's keep believing, not for what He will or will not do but let's believe for who He is! He Is Risen! Christ the Lord Is Risen indeed! Yes, He decided to die but it was also destined for Him to get up as our Lord and Savior! Today is RESURRECTION SUNDAY…and HE ROSE FOR US! Churches and Christians all over the world will lift their voices in praise and sing songs like, “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”, “He Lives”, “Because He Lives”, “I Know My Redeemer Lives”, “He Arose”, and “He is Lord”. All of these songs proclaim the same message… Jesus Is Alive! We celebrate the “RISEN SAVIOR”. And ain’t that GOOD NEWS?!!
              As stated in our letter on last Sunday, in worship this morning we celebrate both Resurrection and Stewardship/Sacrificial Sunday. This is also our first Sacrificial Sunday of the year. I find it very poignant that we celebrate these two things on the same day this year. First Calvary, as we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ we have an opportunity to make a difference in the life of this congregation and community. So that you won't misunderstand me, let me make it plain: We need you to sacrifice TODAY! Each adult member is asked to prayerfully give $150.00 above and beyond…beyond and above…your regular tithes and offerings. Let’s do just that and watch God bless our sacrifice and giving.
             The Resurrection of Jesus is without question the most pivotal truth to the Christian Faith. Paul makes it clear in I Corinthians 15:16-20 that without a belief in the Resurrection we have no faith. I have mentioned this point previously and it is still a question that comes before us each year: Does the resurrection of Jesus really matter? Yes, it matters and because of what God did on Calvary and after Calvary our lives are changed forever. The Emmaus Road travelers (Luke 24) made it clear that on their way their hearts were delighted to have been with Jesus! As many of us conclude our time of fasting and praying on many things, it is my hope that we remember that it’s a matter of the Heart. I pray that the excitement of Jesus' Resurrection is an event that will change everything about our hearts. During this time all over America and even the world, people of faith celebrate that which only God could do. I am living witness to that which only God can do...I’ve seen Him heal, deliver and provide. Those are things that only HE can do. I am sustained by that great promise of His, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” It is my hope that we will work even harder for the remainder of this year towards telling someone about the benefits and blessings of living for Jesus. Let us all remember that with this belief we continue to be AN EXCITING CHURCH EXCITED ABOUT ITS MISSION…and excited about our RISEN SAVIOR!


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