Teen Volunteers

FAQ About Teen Volunteers
1. How Old do I have to be? 13 to 17 years of age
2. What is my responsibility? Teen Volunteers will assist in monitoring children, leading activities, interacting with children, following procedures, and having fun.
3. Will I work alone? No. You will have 2 adult workers and 1 other teen volunteer to assist you with your shift.
4. How many kids will I be supervising? You will supervise no more than 14 kids max! Adult child ratio is 5:1 and the teen's ratio is 2:1.
5. How many times do I have to volunteer? Volunteers are asked to work at least once a quarter. Quarters are broken up into sections by 3 months. 1st Quarter Jan, Feb, March. 2nd Quarter April, May, June, and so on.
6. Will there be meetings? Yes the Nursery ministry will meet bi monthly (every other month) on the first Thursday of that month.
I am 13 years or older and I want to sign up. How Can I?