Church Celebrations

MISSION:   :: more



MISSION: To edify the sacred institution of marriage, continuously seeking God's intent for marriage  :: more



MISSION: Provide a warm and comfortable environment within the church body that fosters opportunities to build :: more


Intecessory Prayer

MISSION:  To be prayer warriors whose role is to pray for the concerns of First   :: more


Male Summit

MISSION:   The Male Summit Ministry of First Calvary Baptist Church is a men's ministry dedicated to the holistic   :: more


Pearls of Praise

Pearls of Praise, formerly Women of Worship, is the women's ministry of the church.  :: more



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MISSION:  Serving Tigers, Webelos, Cubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Daisy, Brownie, Junior Girl Scouts, :: more


MISSION:Singles In Love With Christ (S.I.L.C.) was established to involve all single (unmarried) adult male & female from age 18 and up, in the greater Durham area.:: more

Young Adult

MISSION:  To support the spiritual development of young adult disciples (ages 18-38)  :: more


Youth Advisory Council

MISSION:  The Youth Department at First Calvary is dedicated to enriching the lives of young people through  :: more