Trustee Ministry

Brenda Harris-White, Ministry Chair
cell: (919) 381-4374
Michael Butler mw, Vice Chair
cell: (919) 629-6452

The Trustee Ministry has a unique position in the life of FCBC. We have a spiritual position with a secular agenda. As a Trustee our charge is to manage the temporal affairs of this church. We are chosen to this position not only to holder to this position, but are temporal caretakers for the Kingdom of God. It is trusteeship over the things that God has given for the maintenance and the increase of His Kingdom. Therefore, the office of trustees carries with it significant fiduciary responsibilities.

Apart from the stewardship of administration, the trustee is called by God and approved by the congregation to adhere to sound business practices. In other words, trustees must possess the requisite business acumen to manage secular matters on the church's behalf, but must do so under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Trustees must abide by this prescription, if they hope to be successful, not to mention in God's will.